Well priced and designed Watch

It’s very sleek, and has a classy look and feel.It fits my giant meaty wrist comfortably, too, which is nice and difficult to find in a watch band these days.The silicone band is super soft and bendable and doesn’t seem cheaply made.I also dig that it displays the date AND the entire day of the week, because sometimes time all bleeds collectively and it’s hard to keep monitor, which I have to occasionally do for my job.

The blue wristband looks very elegant on slightly. I especially like this because of its notification functionality. I can certainly read texts and facebook messages with it just by raising my wrist.The battery lifestyle is very decent as well.A complete cycle of charge may last me around a complete entire week.The just problem I’ve is that it generally does not give me an extremely accurate heartrate reading.

This watch it an excellent LED watch that I take everywhere when I am going somewhere.Is effective whilst underwater taking showers or being. This also helps me wake up in the first morning and tells the date and time which is important.Of anything, this watch is my own assistant or my daily time supervisor.The look is adored by me and it fits comfortable on my wrist.

How to fix this here I’ll offer you some information.To conseve some battery turn off your area on your phone when not using the app.What I recommend is transform it on like every hour or few hours throughout the day so it will record your guidelines heart beats each and every minute BPM.In the home or gym or whenever you’re exercising leave where you are on since you’re not moving GPS will find your location and will be constantly synching your records without using lot of power (battery) and leave it’s location on during the night so that it will record your sleep.

It tracks your steps, heartrate, sleep, has an easy app to make use of and in short does everything that the more advanced fitbit does.So you can save over $100 and get very good results.Where it falls just a little short for me is that it’ll just record activities that last 1 minute or longer.I work an office job so it wasn’t tracking all my steps.

The band is tan with a dark or dark edge, which goes well with the facial skin of the watch.I such as this watch.I do not wear it normally as I’d like, i.e., at work, since it is dressier than the clothing I normally wear generally there slightly, but it would look very good with nice casual clothes or even with a blazer or suit.Not as well formal, but a step or two over denim/blue jeans.

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