Beautiful Accessories to increase my collection

I think this might be user error but the crystals and metal are MUCH darker than the picture, and I don’t think they are crystals, it appears like pebbles.Anyway, I purchased one that’s silver and I like it much better than the dark metal.Edited to include that after my review I was contacted by the seller who was very kind and offered to send me a new necklace AND still keep this 1.I really like the fact that the seller really went of their method to help me with my concern!

No presssing problems with cracking/breaking when bending it to size, had all its diamonds too.It’s quite.Hopefully it holds up.Update: Still supporting a couple weeks later, I’ve worn it all at most for a couple days at a time a few differing times. & just during the day often, but I have a whole lot of rings therefore i use it when it fits a shirt lol.

The one thing I wish was that it had been in a position to get wet when washing my hands, because sometimes I forget to eliminate it while i’m washing my hands.up to now it hasn’t switched green (but i’ve just gotten it wet probably twice) but besides that i really like it soo much its the perfect size, not too big, not too small, and i’ve gotten so many compliments onto it already.

The pearls are very uniform in size and also have good color to them.The clasp is a little hard to get accustomed to at first, but is great quality as it has a fail-safe if it does become unlatched and that means you cannot drop the necklace as easily.(especially with little types pulling around on it.) I had not been too sure on an excellent length to order, but may possibly order much longer if we bought again.

It depends on the flowers that were used probably, but the ones I acquired for my wife were lively in color, although much less bright simply because what you would see using the pc display (I doubt that you can match the vibrance of a color picture on a backlit screen on your pc…you could emulate this by placing a light source behind the earrings, which should make them more vivid and brilliant).In a nutshell, my wife loves them, because they move with a complete large amount of different outfits.

These are a classic couple of earrings that sparkle like diamonds at the littlest fraction of the cost!I wouldn’t dare purchase a pair of gemstone studs because I have a tendency to lose earrings, usually just one of a pair.For this good deal, I possibly could replace them anytime that happened.

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